List of professions with shortage of experts

The list of professions for which there is a shortage of qualified employees in Bulgaria has been approved.

The list has been issued on the basis of the latest amendments to the Ordinance on the terms and conditions for issuance and rejection of work permits to foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria and more specifically with regard to amendments concerning the regime of high-qualified employment of foreigners.

The procedure for issuance of a work permit to foreigners for the purpose of high-qualified employment in Bulgaria has been simplified, whereas the requirement for the employer to perform market search shall not apply, if the foreigner will hold a position included in the approved List of professions.

The professions included in the list are predominantly from the sector of IT services. More specifically the following groups of professions are included in the List:

  • Experts for sales in the field of information and communication technologies
  • System analysts
  • Software developers
  • Developers of web and multimedia
  • Application programmers
  • Developers of software and software applications and analysts
  • Designers and administrators of data base
  • System administrators
  • Experts on computer networks
  • Experts on networks and data base.