Technology, media and telecommunication laws

Technology, media and telecommunications sectors (TMT) are among the most dynamic areas of legal regulation reflecting the quick and radical advances in the social environment. In the last couple of years, Bulgarian law in the fields of technology, media and telecommunications has undergone significant changes attempting to become fully compliant with the international standards and acquis communautaire the European Union.

At the beginning of 21st century Bulgarian media law changed dramatically as a result of the privatization of the frequency resource. Following that significant foreign company entered the Bulgarian radio and television market. The liberalisation of the legislation stimulated the appearance of numerous television organisations, distributing channels via cable or satellite. Foreign investors acquired newspapers, magazines and polygraphic enterprises.

The dynamic development of IT has put TMT businesses to a test. We are ready to help you overcome all difficulties facing TMT companies, as we provide access to qualified legal assistance of high calibre.

Our consultants have acquired profound theoretical knowledge and a long-term practical experience, gained in regulatory and private organisations in the TMT business, public administrative and legislative bodies and expert work which allows us to offer a wide range of assistance, including:

  • Consulting and assisting clients regarding regulatory procedures held before supervisory bodies aimed at obtaining of licenses and registrations. We draft all sorts of corporate documents, commercial agreements and related instruments.
  • Consulting clients in tax, labour and social-security issues arising in the course of commercial TMT activities.
  • Assisting and drafting legal opinions related to regulatory TMT issues, including editorial contents and commercial speech.
  • Providing legal protection and assistance against penalties and administrative fines imposed by various public authorities.
  • Complete legal services in editorial, producing and commercial activity.
  • Assisting sellers and purchasers in M&A transactions in TMT related companies, including the performance of legal and regulatory due diligence.

Development of market economy in Bulgaria enabled the growth of advertising. The regulation of advertising covers various parts of the market aimed at ensuring fair competition and protection of consumer rights. Commercial communications obeys detailed ethical rules since 2009.

Nowadays, more than ever advertisers and advertising agencies need highly qualified legal expertise in creation and distribution of advertising messages.

Our law firm advises clients regarding legal ethical aspects of advertising activity:

  • Drafting agreements in the area of advertisement, sponsorship, etc.
  • Preparing legal opinions concerning regulation and self-regulation issues of advertising activities.
  • Providing legal protection and assistance against punitive administrative acts issued by the public authorities.