Intellectual and industrial property

Respecting copyright and related rights is essential for development of creative industries.
Creating intellectual products requires not author’s creativity but also legal competence.

Our consultants have participated in expert activities concerning preparation of legal acts as well in their implementation by the competent courts in the area of intellectual property. They have significant experience in intellectual property protection. Our services include:

  • Consulting and assisting clients regarding regulatory procedures held before supervisory bodies for obtaining of desired registrations. Drafting all sorts of corporate documents, commercial agreements and related documents.
  • Providing legal representation before the Bulgarian Patent Office and preparing agreements and documents concerning protection, transfer and use of trademarks.
  • Providing assistance and issuing legal opinions on issues concerning regulation of copyright and related rights.
  • Providing legal protection and assistance against punitive acts issued by the administrative authorities.
  • Performing complete legal services in the area of editorial and producers’ activities.

ISO 9001 Standard

ISO 9001 is an international standard setting demands to quality control systems within an organisation. Through that standard the company demonstrates its ability to provide a product or service satisfying clients’ and regulatory demands by aiming continuous development of processes.

ISO 9001 is applicable to any organization irrespective of its size or scope of activity. It is aimed at increasing and improving the company’s corporate image, broadening market possibilities, creating a mechanism for control over fulfilment of clients’ demands, ensuring internal corporate rules and order, improving relations with clients and suppliers and providing continuous improvement of staff’s competences.

Our consultants are leading auditors trained in Lloyd`s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) – Bulgaria. They have significant practical experience and have participated in implementation of quality control systems in the area of printing and polygraphic information and advertising through development, implementation and auditing of quality control systems.

We are providing the following services:

1. Review of company’s condition (Gap analysis):

  • Determining current business model in the company;
  • Analysing the conditions and determining the structure of the quality control system; and
  • Drafting of a plan-schedule for project implementation and other related documents.

2. Drafting documents for the Quality control system:

  • Preparing documents for the quality control system; and
  • Approving documents prepared by joint efforts of the consultants and the clients.

3. Implementation:

  • Organising trainings with client’s staff for project implementation;
  • Performing trial internal audits; and
  • Amending documents when it becomes necessary according to the audits.

4. Functioning:

  • Organising training with internal auditors; and
  • Performing internal audits.

5. Certification concerning relations:

  • Participating in the process of selecting of a certification organisation and during the performance of the company’s certification audit itself; and
  • Taking care of correcting mistakes set out in the audit reports.

6. Quality control systems maintenance:

  • Consulting through maintenance and development of the quality control system under Standard ISO 9001.