5% discount on PIT only for electronic tax returns

In accordance with the latest amendments in the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) only persons that submitted their tax returns electronically shall receive a discount. Taxpayers shall get a discount of 5% over the remaining amount of their annual personal income tax, in case they do not have any public obligations that may be subject to enforcement procedure and provided that they pay the remaining amount of the tax until April 30.

Before the amendments PITA allowed taxpayers who submitted their annual tax returns on paper until 10 February to be eligible to the 5 % discount as well. However, this rule no longer applies.

The electronic submission of tax return no longer requires compulsory use of electronic signature. Taxpayers may submit electronically their returns by using personal identification code. Any person may receive a personal identification code for free by the respective office of the National Revenue Agency corresponding to the individual’s permanent address.

Tax returns may also be sent by post or submitted at a post office within the statutory deadline of April 30 but in that case the discount shall not apply.